Living & well-being
Living near the centre
Close to town - even in the countryside

Close to town - even in the countryside

In the cities, as in the rural areas, a laissez-faire attitude is the predominant way of life. The Saarlanders initially copied it from their French neighbours and have long since made it their own.

If, in this region of short distances, you decide to live in a rural area, your home is guaranteed to be near a city. Compared to other regions no place in our small-scale area is really far away from Saarbrücken or the other urban centres such as Central Saarlouis, Merzig, St. Wendel, Neunkirchen and Homburg.

Low cost of living
Low cost of living

Above-average pay

Since 2013, incomes have risen noticeably according to statistics from the Federal Labour Office from September 2014. The average gross salary was at this point well above the national average, by about 7% for workers with a vocational qualification (source: Remuneration statistics of the Federal Labour Office, as of end 2012). Even young people with little work experience benefit from the high salary level of the Saarland work environment.

7 %

of the alaries are above the national average

Good for managing your money

Good for managing your money

Because you will earn more than average here and the cost of living is comparatively low, the bottom line is that more is left over for living. This explains why there are more home owners here than in Swabia. Nearly 63% of all Saarlanders live in their own homes.

Find a home
Rent or buy? No question for Saarlanders

Rent or buy? No question for Saarlanders

In addition to new builds across the region, the existing housing stock offers you plenty of room for your specific lifestyle.

Other regions in Germany can only dream of the comparatively low price level of the local housing market - this applies equally to rental and purchased properties. Offers for all budgets can be found most easily via one of the Saarland's online portals.

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