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Well connected at the heart of Europe

Well connected at the heart of Europe

Your direct connection to the 'Saar timetable'
As far as transport is concerned, the Saarland is very well connected as regards local transport, and its provisions for sustainable mobility.

Early industrialisation of the region has meant that people have an open mind to all ways of travelling, both at home and abroad. The highly-developed road and rail network provides fast connections throughout Europe. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that in the cities there is much less congestion than in many places in the world.

As far as long-distance transport by rail is concerned, we should highlight the direct connection to Paris, one of the fastest in Germany. In less than two hours' the ICE from Saarbrücken Euro station speeds towards the French capital.

Federal region of short distances
Federal region of short distances

State with short distances

Short distance, quick check in – Saarbrücken Airport is well known for this. Also within easy reach are the international airports of Frankfurt-Hahn, Frankfurt International Airport and Luxembourg.
And you can get anywhere quickly by train as well – for example from Saarbrücken to Paris in only 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Explore from Saarland Explore from Saarland

Explore from Saarland

In the land of short distances you get from A to B quickly

1h50 Saarbrücken – Paris
400.000 passengers in 2013 from Saarbrücken
4 international airports
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