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Saarland marketing free tools
Saarland marketing free tools
Download free & show the flag

Download free & show the flag

For use on company websites, in email signatures, publications such as customer or employee magazines and as a useful addition to their own marketing, the following tools are available for free:

Advertising motifs & inserts

Advertising motifs & inserts at glance

Further downloads

Web banner
For your smart phone
Saar font for free use
Other promotional materials such as informative flyers/stickers/mobile phone cases or lapel badges can be ordered here.
Assistance and legal information
Users of the free tools are integrated on the campaign website through a simple link to the company website.
Saarland image video for download
Saarland image video for download
How life happens in Saarland

How life happens in Saarland

The fact that little things make a big difference is now demonstrated on a video based on the individual success stories of Saarland international companies, start-ups, scientists and athletes, up to and including Saarland art highlights and a wide variety of recreational activities.
Both the German and the French and English versions of the Saarland image video, provided they remain unchanged, can be used without restriction in time and space. Integrate the video into your website or show it to visiting groups.
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What makes the Saarland so interesting for professionals from outside the region?
Guide for new Saarlanders
Important points of contact and online forms for downloading to facilitate your start.
Guide to leisure time
Here you have complete freedom to do nothing or to use your leisure time actively.