Postdoctoral positions

The Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) has multiple openings for Postdoctoral Fellows in the areas of programming languages & verification, distributed & mobile systems, real-time & embedded systems, security & privacy, natural language processing, and social computing.

Postdoctoral Fellows have the opportunity to work with MPI-SWS faculty on existing lines of research, as well as develop their own research agenda under MPI-SWS faculty supervision. Former Postdoctoral Fellows have moved on to take permanent position at top universities and research laboratories worldwide, including Yale, Telecom ParisTech, Microsoft Research and INRIA.

MPI-SWS is a publicly funded academic research institution focused on problems of fundamental importance in the broad area of software systems. The institute currently has 11 faculty and about 45 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, and continues to grow. MPI-SWS is located in Kaiserslautern and Saarbruecken, Germany, in the tri-border area of Germany, France, and Luxembourg. The area offers a high standard of living, beautiful surroundings, and easy access to major metropolitan areas in central Europe.

The institute is committed to increasing the representation of minorities, women and individuals with physical disabilities in computer science. We particularly encourage such individuals to apply.

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