Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in all areas related to IT-Security, Privacy and Cryptography (f/m/d)

The CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security provides a unique work environment that offers the advantages of a university department and a research laboratory alike. As the latest member of the Helmholtz Association, the largest research organization in Germany, CISPA has embarked on a mission: to rethink the digitalized world of the future from the ground up and make it safer through innovative cutting-edge research. In the medium term, the center will grow to more than 800 employees with 60 Faculty and research group leaders. Faculty receive extremely competitive institutional funding, enjoy academic freedom, and build and lead their team of young researchers, and are granted the opportunity to teach graduate and undergraduate courses. 

CISPA is located in Saarbrücken, in the tri-border area of Germany, France, and Luxembourg. We maintain an international and diverse work environment and seek applications from outstanding researchers worldwide. The working language is English. A command of German is not required for a successful career at CISPA.

CISPA is looking for candidates that hold a doctoral degree in computer science or related areas and have an outstanding research track record in all areas related to IT-Security, Privacy and Cryptography, especially in, but not limited to the fields of

  • software security,
  • security of critical infrastructure, 
  • embedded systems,
  • network and distributed system (incl. blockchains) security,
  • hardware security,
  • privacy-enhancing technologies,
  • usable security and privacy,
  • applied cryptography,
  • quantum cryptography,
  • cryptanalysis.

All applicants are expected to build up a research team that pursues an internationally visible research agenda. Your contact partner